Kids Games For Toddlers - Learn Shapes And Colors

Kids Games For Toddlers - Learn Shapes And Colors

Kids Games For Toddlers - Learn Shapes And Colors

Bimi Boo Kids - Games For Boys And Girls Llc Educational

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Learn Colors and Shapes with Funny Food Games for Toddlers - Educational Kids Games

Learn Colors Shapes Sizes for Toddler & Preschooler | Funny Food Kids Games by Mage

Baby Learn Colors, Shapes, Numbers with Monkey | Educational Games for Toddlers or Preschooler

- Learning games for toddlers and kids of 2 – 4 years old
- Games for girls and boys on sorting and classifying objects by shape, size, color and quantity
- Games for babies were developed in close cooperation with preschool education experts

About games for kids:
The app contains free educational kids games that will help your baby learn more about shapes and colors, quantity and sizes of different objects. The game for toddlers can be a part of preschool education for young learners. It is Bimi’s birthday and his friends want to hold a real party. So, we will help them to make all the preparations.

Learning game for kids is developed to improve the following skills:
- Visual perception;
- Concentration;
- Hand - eye coordination;
- Classifying and sorting;
- Games for babies on logical thinking.

There are 12 kids games for girls and boys:
Bus game: Sorting objects and characters by COLOR
Invitation cards game: Classifying card details by SHAPES
Picnic game: use memory and logic to find and sort items
Room decoration game: Classifying by SHAPES.
Cooking game: Sorting by quantity and colors
Swimming pool game: Sort patches by their SHAPE
Gifts wrapping game: Sorting gifts to the right box according to its COLOR and PATTERNS
Cake game: sort fruits by their SIZE
Feeding game: decide what will the character eat using logical thinking
Presents opening game: sorting by meaning
Yard game: find the given shape on the screen and sort it out
Cleaning game: sort out the items according to their shapes

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